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Exterior Drainage

The number one cause of foundation damage and flooding basements is poor drainage. In most instances where water is getting inside a basement or crawlspace we can stop the water by correcting drainage and grade. One season of overflowing gutters and downspouts not draining properly can do tens of thousands in structural damage. In order to maintain a healthy environment and keep your home on a solid foundation the best thing you can do is stay diligent in maintaining the exterior drainage of your home.

Gutter Drains – Sump Pump Drains  – Basin Drains
Burying your gutters and sump pump drains so that they discharge away from your home can move thousands of gallons of water away from your foundation every time it rains. Basin drains can collect water in areas where water pools, such as landscape beds and places that are trapped between concrete and structures. Foundation 1 has designed and installed drainage systems on thousands of homes and businesses. Our Gutter Leaf Filters guarantee that your drains will stay clean and clear, and our drainage systems are backed with a 3 Year Warranty.

Saturation Drains – French Drains – Curtain Drains
The Flow Well System is a Saturation Drain that is a great solution for collecting surface or subsurface water, especially when the water can not be discharged to daylight. French drains are also saturation drains and are commonly used to absorb water from the subsoil allowing for faster drying cycles, keeping the soil more absorbent for the next rain. French drains are often misused as a “fix all”  and are often installed incorrectly, causing more problems for the property owner. Our Curtain Drain is most suitable for the collection of water along a foundation or patio when it is not possible to create a grade that flows away from the structure.

Grade correction – Soil build up – Swales
Correcting the soil around your home may be as simple as adding a few yards of clean top soil to build up the existing grade or be more complex like cutting out the existing soil in order to create proper fall and keep water flowing away from a structure. Many times cutting a swale is the easiest and most economical way of controlling surface water, by changing the grade around a structure we can control how the water will flow in or around your property. The average home will need to have some sort of grade correction every six years as part of its normal maintenance.

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