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  • Apples Aren’t Always Apples

    Evaluating foundation repair bids is never an easy task. Typically there can be very different approaches, leaving the customer to decipher which approach is the best. (And, of course, we all believe our approach is the best!) Even more common, things...

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  • Freeze / Thaw Cycle Impact on Foundation Damage

    Being in Kansas City, a factor to consider relating to the health of your foundation is the freeze / thaw cycle. This is one reason that small basement cracks tend to become large ones. In addition to many other weather related impacts, water tends to...

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  • Mudjacking – The Delicate Balance

      We’ve all heard the children’s story about Goldilocks and the Three Bears where the porridge is “too hot” and “too cold” then “just right.” We can relate this to many things in life where we are looking for the correct balance....

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  • TieBacks vs. Bracing

    TieBacks vs. BracingContrasting two approaches to wall stabilization in foundation repairWall straightening / stabilization is an extremely important part of foundation repairs.Often this is required when there is vertical movement on foundation walls...

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  • Scheduling a Foundation Repair Project

      Top 4 Things You Need to Consider     Scenario: You have finally made it to the basement to go through those boxes you have been meaning to get to for a while. That is when you discover a rather large crack in your foundation...

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  • Checking Up On that Old Sump Pump

    Just because you have a sump pump, does not always mean it is working properly. Very often we are in homes where the original sump pump (over 30 years old, etc) are still being used.It is important to understand that sump pumps do have a life cycle and...

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  • Diagnose Your Own Foundation Problems

    While nothing replaces the expertise of a structural engineer, or a consultant from Foundation 1, where your foundation and waterproofing needs are concerned, it is possible for you to learn what to look for as signals that your foundation is (or is not)...

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  • Remodeling? Fix Your Foundation First

    Planning a room addition or kitchen/bath remodel is exciting and fun but, before you get started, I would urge you to have your foundation examined before moving forward. On top of finding and fixing current foundation issues, you want to consider how...

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  • Update Your Basement with Egress Windows

    Picture this: You just got married to the most amazing individual!  You and your two preteen boys have moved into their two bedroom, one bath, bungalow along with their two cats and two dogs...You all of a sudden realize you need more space! Lets...

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  • My Sump Pump Malfunctioned!

    I've always wanted a pool...just NOT in my basement!  How did this happen?  I keep the gutters clean, they drain away from the foundation walls and my yard is properly graded.  We are just coming out of Winter and we haven't had very much rain...I...

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